Custom Eyewear

We know that your glasses say a lot about you. The eyes are the first thing most people notice about someone, and your glasses are more than just an accessory: they are an extension of your personality. It’s important to express your unique style and fashion to everyone you meet. At Rockwood Eyecare, we hand select frames for you to try in the office. We also have our frame inventory available online so that you can save time in the office. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge to help you select the right eyewear for your lifestyle and budget. There is nothing like enlisting the help of a professional when it comes to picking the right frames and lenses for your, and we are here to guide you every step of the way!

woman holding glasses


After picking a fashionable frame, we want to fill it with only the highest quality lenses. At Rockwood Eyecare, we have hand selected only the finest quality lenses. Our presentation makes selecting the right option easy. Rest assured that we don’t offer the low quality lenses you may find at the large retailers. We pride ourselves in offering only the finest lenses that will fit not only everyone’s unique visual needs, but also everyone’s budget.

old man fitted glasses
  • We offer durable, well made, fashion forward frames
  • We hand select only the finest quality lenses
  • Our high quality anti-reflective coatings are highly durable and include warranty replacement
  • We make the process as easy and and seamless as possible to select the perfect eyewear for you